Benson Shop With A Cop Program

    where life long memories are made

​​Children between ages 6-12 will be considered

parent or sibling's involvement with the Justice system. These children are chosen in hopes that any negative feelings or fears they may have can be replaced with something positive. We also look at the single parent family struggling financially, and then both parent households.  Verification with other non-profit organizations is made to help ensure no duplication of assistance. Any person submitting an application can be assured Confidentiality is upheld. No parent/guardian will know who submitted their child(ren) for this event.

The Children selected to participate in the program go through an extensive referral and screening process. This includes referrals from school officials, church leaders, and individual officers. Applications are accepted from parents/guardians and other family and friends.

These applications are then reviewed by a panel of local residents to ensure the children meet specified economic and age requirements and preference is given to those who have had or witnessed a negative contact with law enforcement through a 

Benson Shop With A Cop    2016

​Application Qualifications